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 OuBo medical air conditioning units, which is based on "hospital clean operating department construction standards", "hospital clean operating department building technical specifications" and other national mandatory norms to regulate and design ideas based on performance. Structure fully comply with GB/T19569-2004 "clean operating room for air conditioning units." Hospital operating room for this special environmental requirements of the market, this unit is designed to take comprehensive measures to control on bacteria, eliminating the possibility of bacterial growth, making the unit fully comply with the operating room cleanliness. Environmental control requirements. In addition the unit can also be applied to other requirements are clean grade and sterile place. The unit is divided into spaces from the use of new air handling units and recycling units, from the cold source is divided into direct expansion and chilled water type, from the structure is divided into horizontal. Vertical and ceiling, fully meet customer requirements.

 OuBo direct expansion air conditioning has a dedicated operating room layout, easy to use and flexible, low cost and other characteristics: its cooler uses direct evaporative refrigerant heat exchanger means, eliminating the need for secondary heat exchange chiller cooling loss, and eliminating the waterway system installation costs and waterways leaked trouble. Unit comes with heat source, can work independently.

 OuBo chilled water for air conditioning with clean operating room-style design flexibility. Use stability characteristics: according to working conditions, by adjusting the water flow in the coil to adjust cold and heat, and the temperature and humidity to ensure accuracy, saving energy. In addition, the combination of the particularity of the hospital, a general hospital has been heat source, can reduce the hospital's one-time investment.

 OuBo chilled water + direct expansion condensing heat recovery fresh air unit is OuBo generation of energy saving unit, which can take advantage of the depth of dehumidification direct expansion evaporator, condenser waste heat heating. The circulating air handling unit coil try to keep dry run, both healthy and energy saving, is OuBo's superior design of the crystal.